Juror Information

Message to Jurors

Judge Julie Monnin and Darke County Municipal Court thank you for your service. By serving, you have the opportunity to directly participate in the American legal system which has been in place since the beginning of our Country. Jury trials are part of the process that protects the fundamental rights of all citizens. It is an important and rewarding service that you have been summoned to provide for Darke County.

How was I chosen for jury duty?
Your name has been drawn at random from a list of registered voters in Darke County. Persons 18 years of age or older, from all walks of life, may be called. You must be a U.S. citizen, living in Darke County, and be able to read, hear, and speak the English language.

Do I have to?
Yes. You have been officially summoned by the Court to be a potential juror. If you do not report for jury service without a lawful excuse from the Court, you may be brought before the Court for contempt proceedings. And remember, as a juror, you are a vital part of the court system. If you have received a notice to serve as a juror, and you have a medical condition, are 75 years of age or older, or if there are other circumstances that you feel will prevent you from serving, you must contact the Court at 937-547-7340 to request your service to be excused or deferred.

What about my job?
Your employer cannot fire or otherwise penalize you for performing jury duty. Some employers compensate their employees for the time they are gone for jury duty. Contact your employer to find out your company’s policy. Upon request, the Court can provide you with a participation receipt when you leave.

Compensation for Jury Duty
You will receive a $20.00 check from the Darke County Auditor for appearing on the given day for jury duty whether you are selected to serve or not. If you are selected to serve as a juror, you will receive an additional $20. Your check will be mailed to you at the address you provided on your questionnaire on the last day of the month of attendance.

How long will I be there?
You will receive a letter a week ahead of time notifying you of the date to serve. You will need to report to the Darke County Municipal Court service window on the 3rd floor of the Courthouse by 8:00 a.m. It is possible that you will not be chosen to be on the jury panel or as an alternate, and you will be released early in the day. If you are chosen to serve, jury trials generally take one day and may last into the evening. It is possible that it will go beyond the first day. Should this occur, you will be notified when to return to complete your jury service.

What should I wear for jury service?
Wear comfortable clothing that enhances the dignity of the Court and emphasizes the seriousness of your responsibility. Business casual is appropriate.

Will there be breaks during the trial?
Jurors are given a lunch break and may be given other breaks during the trial.

Types of Cases Tried in Darke Municipal Court
Civil cases are limited to $15,000.00. The cases normally involve two or more parties who have a dispute over money or property. The person filing the suit is the plaintiff and the person being sued is the defendant. Eight jurors and one alternate juror will be selected to serve and all others will be released. A verdict in a civil case requires that three-fourths of the jury agree. Therefore, in a civil matter, six of the jurors must reach a verdict.

Criminal/traffic cases will involve a person, also known as the defendant, who is charged with a crime or traffic offense. The plaintiff in a criminal/traffic case is the State of Ohio, City of Greenville or Village of Versailles. Cases heard in the Darke Municipal Court are misdemeanors such as Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Theft, Domestic Violence and Assault. In a criminal/traffic case, all eight jurors must agree upon the same verdict.

Your Role Is Important
Jury trials are an important part of our justice system and serving as a juror is an important role as a citizen. Whether you ever sit as a juror or not, you will have been an integral part of the process, and your service to the community will be appreciated by the Court and the parties involved.

Juror Information Line
Jury trials may be settled or continued after you receive your notice to appear. It is your responsibility to call our juror information phone line at 937-547-2502 up to the evening before your scheduled appearance.