A bond may be ordered in a case to ensure the appearance of a defendant in court. Conditions to a bond may be ordered by a Judge (limiting contact with a victim, for example).

Bonds may be posted at the Darke County Municipal Court during regular business hours or at the Darke County Criminal Justice Center after hours. You may contact the Darke County Municipal Court at 937.547.7340 or the Darke County Criminal Justice Center at 937.548.3399.

Types of Bonds

Surety or Corporate Bond is posted with a bondsman or bonding agency for a fee. The Court does not receive this money, and it will not be returned to the defendant.

Cash Bond is a bond that is paid in cash after hours. The full amount of the bond must be paid in cash.

O.R. – Own Recognizance is where the defendant signs a form stating that he/she will appear at all times required by the Court until the case is finished.

ALL OF THE ABOVE BONDS ARE SUBJECT TO ADDITIONAL ORDERS AND CONDITIONS OF THE COURT, AND UPON A HEARING, BONDS MAY BE REVOKED OR AMENDED BY THE COURT. Ohio Law requires all persons posting a bond to pay a non-refundable $25.00 fee that must be paid at the time the bond is posted.

How to Get Your Bond Back
Upon the completion of the case and if the bond is to be released, said bond will be returned by mail pursuant to the information provided on the Cash Appearance Bond.

If you have any questions about bonds, please contact the Clerk’s Office at 937-547-7340.